What is DROPP?


DROPP is our co-op’s Regional Food Hub. DROPP hosts its own website where farmers, ranchers and producers post their products for sale and consumers can search for these products and place bi-weekly orders.

WHO: Any restaurant, business or organization seeking to purchase local & organic wholesale goods for their operation, as well as member-owners who want to order bulk quantities at a discount. [see special order info below truck photo]

WHY: To provide direct access to fresh, locally grown food to help strengthen our local food system and economy.

WHEN: We currently offer two order cycles per week.

WHERE: Orders can be picked up or delivered.

HOW MEMBER-OWNERS CAN GET INVOLVED: Go to www.dropp.coop to learn more and place your first order.

Community Partners, please read our updated 2017 Agreements & Delivery Zones.

You can contact DROPP at info@dropp.coop

(775) 393-9194

1275 Kleppe Ln, Units #24 & #25 Sparks, NV 89431



Did you know that as a member of the GBCFC you can place bulk special orders at great prices?
Co-op Members are eligible to order from UNFI, DROPP and a variety of other misc. distributors in bulk quantities at a discounted price.

DROPP offers local, natural and organic produce and products from our area’s local producers (produce, meats, honey, eggs). You can also find organic produce from Veritable Vegetable for items not available locally.

UNFI (United Natural Foods Incorporated):

UNFI offers thousands of natural and organic products from a variety of categories: bulk,grocery, frozen, gluten-free, raw, pet food, personal care, supplements, and more. Catalogs are available online on the DROPP website.

How much will my special order cost?
All items are based on wholesale cost, as we try to pass along the best deals to our member-owners. Typically, this falls between 10 and 20 percent less expensive than getting the same item off our shelf. Community Partners and Hands On Owners who work at least 8 hours per month pay wholesale cost plus shipping.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for from DROPP or UNFI?
The co-op has dozens of distributors in various departments. If you are seeking a specific product and need help locating it, please contact one of the following departments:

Grocery (includes packaged grocery, bulk, bread, dairy, beer/wine and frozen items) grocwell@greatbasinfood.coop

Wellness (includes general merchandise, supplements and personal care items) grocwell@greatbasinfood.coop

Produce (for items that you can not find through DROPP) produce@greatbasinfood.coop

Ordering Deadlines and Pick-up Schedules– all schedules are displayed on the DROPP website correlating to the product/s

Local Produce & Product orders are due Sundays by 3PM for pick up on Tuesdays beginning at 10am

UNFI & Non Local Produce special orders are due by 3 PM every Monday for pick up beginning at 10AM the following Wednesday

Local Produce, Non Local Produce, and UNFI orders are due by 3PM every Wednesday for pick up starting at 10AM the following Friday.

Special orders must be picked up within 48 hours of delivery. If you are unable to make it in that window please let us know.

Ordering Procedure for member-owners not yet on DROPP

Go to www.dropp.coop & Click on “Sign Up” in the upper left

Fill out the required information and click “Sign Up”

You will receive a confirmation email – follow the link and your account will be set up!

From there, you can click on “Shop” in the upper left to browse a wonderful selection of our local products and producers.

Alternatively, you can click “Special Orders” and then “Order Form” to order through UNFI, Tony’s, Veritable Vegetable, and Earl’s Organic Produce.

Under the “Product” tab, please enter the five-digit code that can be found on shelf tags throughout the store, in the online catalog that is available just above the order form correlating to the distributor of the product, or from a paper catalog available to browse at the store.

If you do not have the item code, we cannot place the order!

For Wellness orders please contact grocwell@greatbasinfood.coop directly.  You will still need to sign up as a customer but our Wellness department coordinator can help you the find the item you are looking for from a variety of distributors.   Please list the product, brand, and size desired for all orders.

The price on the special orders is subject to change from the catalog price, and is usually between 10-20% less expensive than buying the items off the shelf in the store. If you need to know the price of the item before we order your products, please email info@dropp.coop with your order details BEFORE you place the order on DROPP.

When you look at your shopping cart, you will see the items and the day they will arrive at the store. Please pick them up within 48 hours of the delivery date! If your item is listed as “by request,” please choose “I want these products ASAP” and we will confirm the delivery date via email.

To remove an item from your shopping cart, set the number of items to zero.

If you have questions, please send an email to info@dropp.coop

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