Our produce is 100% organic, local, or wildcrafted  …and 100% GMO free!

We sell the brightest and the best produce in town. We value strong relationships with local farmers from Northern Nevada, and seek out only the freshest produce by receiving deliveries every day except Sunday. You will never find produce sprayed with synthetic pesticides or herbicides in our store.


Department Statement

Our produce department is proud to be GMO Free and at no time will sell any crops that have a high risk of being genetically engineered.  We will provide shoppers with certified organic and sustainably grown produce, seeds, seedlings, soil nutrients, plants, and flowers.  We will always source locally first to reduce our food miles, to support the local economy and environment, and provide local and regional farmers and producers a place to sell their goods. For more info on what exactly we mean by “local” follow this link!

The Produce Department Buyer will consider a producer’s product based on good appearance, good taste, nutritious quality, and reasonable pricing. The buyer must find the best possible product for the most fair and sustainable purchase price that will sell well in the store and provide the lowest sale price possible to our customers while meeting produce department benchmarks. We will also honor and encourage lasting relationships with local farms by giving purchasing preference to those we have bought from with success for the longest amount of time.


We will source only organic and GBCFC-approved local products. In this process we will make every effort to include all local farmers. Continued and long lasting relationships will be based on the following requirements:

  1. Documentation: If a grower is certified organic, evidence of that certification must be provided. If a grower is not certified organic, a list of sustainable growing practices used in the operation must be provided via our DROPP application:

  2. Openness to an initial and potential future site visits that will demonstrate adherence to GBCFC-approved status.

  3. Consistent supply, delivery times, invoicing, and country of origin labeling

  4. Dependable communication between the farmer and the co-op including agreed upon pricing that will pay the farmer or producer the best price possible while providing affordable options for our shoppers


As we conduct our business, we will:

  • Offer only certified organic products when ordering from regional, national or international sources.

  • Keep strong and long lasting relationships with local farms and farmers.

  • Give preference to sustainable and organic products, including bananas that are labeled as Fair Trade.

  • Provide accurate signage, labeling, and twist ties.  Signs will include organic or GBCFC-approved, Country of Origin, Town of Origin, and Farm Origin when possible.



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