Our History

Like many consumer food coops in the United States today, the Great Basin Community Food Co-op began when a few people got together 7612599008_044c596315to create a business that would meet a mutual need: to increase community access to affordable, sustainable, and wholesome food that enriches the health of the Northern Nevada’s environment and economy. In 2005, the GBCFC began as a buyers’ club piggybacking on the natural food orders of sister businesses and relying exclusively on the volunteer efforts of motivated citizens. The buyers’ club was closely associated with a cooperative CSA program that coordinated several regional farmers’ produce into one weekly basket subscription for Northern Nevada households, known as the Great Basin Basket. Both the buyers’ club and the Great Basin Basket grew quickly. A small store-front opened on Wonder Street within a year of the initial community meetings. That store-front operated for over a year before moving to a slightly larger location on Plumas in 2008. Three years later in 2011we carried out a member driven fundraising campaign to move the store for a third time into a much larger building in order to better meet the needs of its members.  On February 11, 2012 we opened our doors at 240 Court St. Reno, NV 89501.

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