Our Local Producers

  • Albaugh Ranch

    Albaugh Ranch

    Grass Fed And Finished Beef and Lamb
  • Al Bees

    Al Bees

    Local Honey

    Al Bees Sierra Nevada Honey has been in business for approximately 15 years. We keep about 120 hives in and around the Reno, Carson City, and Gardnerville areas, as well as other locations in the Sierra Nevada during the summer months.

    Producing pure, raw, healthy local honey for our customers is our first priority. All of our hives are located on pesticide-free properties, utilizing the natural topography and geography of the area to produce the best possible honey with varied locations along the drainages of the Sierra Nevada.

  • Alpen Sierra Coffee Roasting Company

    Alpen Sierra Coffee Roasting Company

    Organic Coffee

    Our mission is to enrich the lives of coffee growers and coffee drinkers alike. At the heart of what we do is a consistent focus on quality, expertise, and fair, verifiable, business practices.

    Alpen Sierra is firmly committed to supporting communities, globally and locally, giving back to enrich lives, and ensuring sustainability within the environment and economy.

    Alpen Sierra actively donates sales proceeds from their coffees to The Tahoe Fund, the Café Feminino Foundation, and Fair Trade USA. Transparency and verifiability are of utmost importance at Alpen Sierra. We are currently certified with the USDA’s National Organic Program as an Organic Handler and Processor, Fair Trade USA, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ.

  • Avanzino Farms

    Avanzino Farms

    squash, corn, basil, pumpkins, beef

    Avanzino Farms has been in Reno since 1925. George Avanzino, spent 84 years living in the Reno area where he owned and operated Avanzino Farms/Ranch. George’s son, Doug Avanzino, is continuing the tradition of his family’s farm.

    Avazino’s Farm sustainability program includes leaving crop residue along the ground to mitigate wind erosion by reducing the wind speeds at ground level and trapping moisture in the soil during the winter months. Their cattle graze in the fields to knock down some of the bigger crops and feast on the weeds.

    During harvest season you will find corn, basil, and various summer squash: zucchini, yellow squash, and patty pans, to name a few. In the fall they will have pumpkins, winter squash: acorn, spaghetti, and butternut, along with other varieties.

  • Bare Ranch Eggs

    Bare Ranch Eggs

    eggs, lamb, beef, chicken

    The Estill Family has been ranching in California for generations. The Bare Ranch, in the High Desert area of Great Basin, was purchased by John, Lani, and Jewell Estill in 2005. The Estill’s produce beef, lamb, and wool; raise our new organic, free range chicken and eggs; and grow organic alfalfa.

    On the Bare Ranch, we believe in sustainable, family agriculture. We pay attention to our soil health and have implemented a full circle compost operation as a part of our ranch Carbon Farm Plan. Our hens prosper and run free range on certified organic pasture, nurtured by fresh air, water and sunshine, and then go home to roost in spacious chicken houses. Our cattle and sheep are USDA inspected, along with GAP (Global Animal Partnership) certified.  Our lambs are Certified Naturally Grown (soon to be GAP certified). We are in the process of having our chickens and sheep certified by AWA (Animal Welfare Approved). The cattle and Rambouillet sheep graze on Forest Service and BLM public land grazing permits for much of the year. Our sheep, lamb outside under the watchful eye of the sheepherders and their dogs.


    Ours, is a lifestyle rooted in tradition and grandeur. Close to the earth, close to nature, ever so open and exposed to elements beyond control of man.

  • Bee Here Now

    Bee Here Now

    Salad Greens, Radishes, Turnips, Beets

    Bee Here Now Farm was started January 2017. In an effort to improve our local food supply, farmer Nick Hill uses high crop rotation, ad organic, sustainable farming techniques, to grow high quality salad greens, micro-greens, and root crops. Our farm is a place of unity, peace, and freedom, with good intentions and well-being infusing into everything we grow. Nourish your body, nourish your soul.

    We produce mostly: salad greens, tatsoi, mustard greens, kale, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, carrots, arugula, and radishes. These high rotation crops allow a few cuttings before we plant something else in those rows. In the spring and fall, we can cut the salad greens, arugula, and tatsoi, 3-4 times before they bolt. In the height of the summer we may only get two cuttings before having to replant. Radishes and carrots are bi-rotation crops and are therefor placed in dedicated plots. We are following a crop plan developed by Curtis Stone, who does Urban Farming in Canada in the same growing region as we are in Reno. The nature of our urban farming plan allows for growth according to demand.

  • Black Rock Bison

    Black Rock Bison

    Grass Fed and Finish Bison

    Jeff and Tracy Herrick purchased their land in Minden, NV in 2006 and began developing the site building infrastructure and preparing the land. In 2011 they purchased the first bison for their operation. All bison in their operation are grass fed and finish. This means they are never fed any grain or supplemental feed.

  • Cherry Dog Orchards

    Cherry Dog Orchards

    Cherry Dog Orchards raises fruit trees using currently acceptable organic practices. Our cherries, peaches and apples are grown with love!

    Cherry Dog Orchards raises fruit trees using currently acceptable organic practices. Our cherries, peaches and apples are grown with love! Water from the Carson River behind our farm is used to irrigate the property.

    Our flock of 36 chickens (and growing!) are cage fee, free ranging animals who are fed a largely organic diet but also like to snack on our leftovers on occasion. We believe that they are our partners in the orchard, as they aerate and fertilize the soil surrounding our trees.

    Our farmhouse was built in 1976 and the owners planted orchards sometime in the 1990’s. The Sweets bought the farm in approximately 2011 and cared for the property utilizing organic practices.
    We bought the farm in 2018 and have continued with the practices that we were taught by the Sweets, thoughtful planning  and an environment that utilizes the natural resources that we have in abundance, rich soil, clean water and lots of sunshine!
  • Churchill Butte Organics

    Churchill Butte Organics

    One of Nevada's Oldest Organic Farm

    This business was started in 1992 working by myself selling at farmers markets. In 2000 Steve quit his day job and came to work at our place. We had a CSA farm supplying 25 families and two restaurants. After 25 years, I decided to give up the CSA and just grow fruit and nuts.

    We have an 80-acre off-grid farm. We still have an organic orchard with apples, pears, Asian pears, cherries, Jujubes, pecans, hazelnuts, freestone yellow peaches, cling yellow peaches, white peaches, elderberries.

  • Coffeebar


    Locally Roasted Coffee

    We source coffee globally, making a concerted effort to create lasting relationships, both with the importers we use and when possible, directly with the producers. Our work currently involves heavy involvement with coffee producers in Guatemala, investing in community development and granting better market access, and we intend to expand that program across multiple producing regions in the coming years.

    As a roasting operation, we place a high priority on our sourcing ethos. Director of Coffee David Wilson lived in Guatemala for a year, as a member of a non-profit coffee importer working with small coffee-producing communities. The connections from that experience have allowed us to go deeper with our sourcing than most roasters are able, using those in-built connections to communities that otherwise wouldn’t have market access. Our goals are to expand those origin connections and use our buying power (50,000+ pounds per year and growing) to have a meaningful impact in communities that may not have other opportunities for commercialization of their product.

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