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Welcome to the Food Shed, our cooperative cafe named in honor of the local farms that exist within the watersheds of the Truckee, Carson, and Walker Rivers, which make up our foodshed, the lifeblood of our community, and the best farmers you’ll ever meet. Hence, our cafe called the Food Shed. We are here doing what we do because we care about feeding people delicious and healthy food. We serve made to order burritos, soups, toasts, paninis, fresh juices, baked goods, and specialty coffee drinks, all made with organic and local ingredients. We also specialize in providing the most nutrient-dense gluten-free and vegan options – you will not find food like this anywhere else in Reno!


LOCAL PORK: We source from Holley Family Farms, a small operation in Dayton raising heirloom pastured hogs on non-GMO feed and spent grains from a local brewery. We also get pastured heirloom pork from First Fruits Sustainable Farms in Fallon, who are dedicated to regenerative farming techniques.

LOCAL BEEF: All our beef comes from Albaugh Ranch, a Fallon farm focused on heritage shorthorn cattle raised their entire life on grass [thats grass-fed and grass-finished] under the Nevada sun.

LOCAL EGGS: Palomino Valley Chicken and Eggs supplies local certified organic eggs, used for everything from the deviled eggs in our cooler to the scrambled eggs in our famous breakfast burritos.

LOCAL MICROGREENS: We use only local pea shoots from New Harvest Farm, grown under 2 miles away!

LOCALLY ROASTED COFFEE: Our coffee comes from Reno’s Vertical Coffee Roasters, who frequently travel to their source farms in Guatemala and ensure the farmers are getting paid 2-3 times the typical Fair Trade wages.

LOCAL BREAD: We get loaves from Truckee Sourdough, a local company hand making batches without fillers, gums, or preservatives, using native Truckee Yeasts.

VEGAN AND GLUTEN-FREE OPTIONS: The Food Shed Cafe also features vegan and gluten-free options that use only the highest quality ingredients. Our vegan offerings don’t have soy, hydrogenated oils or fake flavorings. We use VIOLIFE cheeses, KITE HILL cream cheese, and MIYOKO’S butter. Our gluten-free bread is from BREAD SRSLY, who ferment their gluten free grains to make a traditional sourdough in San Francisco that also happens to taste just like real bread… srsly.


Prepared Foods Department Statement

The GBCFC’s prepared foods department is 100% free of GMOs and in the process of becoming certified organic. We are committed to serving a hearty selection of freshly prepared foods including hot and cold entrées, to-go food, and fresh made to order sandwiches and drinks.

The selection will feature the full spectrum of foods including wholesome, local, sustainable, organic, minimally processed healthy foods, items that prove popular, and alternatives to commonly allergenic foods. We specialize in vegan and gluten free foods, as well as raw and paleo snacks.

As we conduct our business, we will:

  • Endeavor to meet a variety of diets including raw, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free options.

  • Provide all options without the use of GMO ingredients.

  • Properly label all food with ingredients and their organic status.

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