Are you open to the public?
Absolutely! Everyone is free to shop here. That being said, membership is pretty awesome…
That’s a great question, and thanks for the suggestion! Please email us at info@greatbasinfood.coop and we will happily look into it!
Do you accept EBT?
How do you all know so much about food?
Well, thank you. That is very sweet of you to say. And yes, although we try to be modest, we do know quite a bit. After all, we spend a lot of time researching food – some would (and have) called us obsessive. But we take that as a compliment. For our favorite online food resources, check out these links:





What sets you apart from the other grocery stores in Reno?
Oh boy. That’s a question we’re asking ourselves all the time – what can we do to stay special in a world of growing commodities? Well, check out our department statements [each department is listed under the FOOD tab in the menu] to see some details about why we’re special. Like the fact that our bulk section, juice bar, kitchen, and produce are all 100% GMO free, or the fact that we’re the only cooperatively owned grocery store in Nevada, or the fact that we sell more local produce, meat, honey, coffee, beer, and wine than any other store in Reno, even though we’re a lot tinier! We love our local foodshed, and are constantly fighting to support farmers and help people find the healthiest food possible. Oh, and we’re pretty friendly, too.
Why is your food so expensive?
We get asked this a lot, and it’s interesting that so many people ask small-scale, cooperatively owned organic health food stores why their food is expensive, instead of asking multinational corporate supermarkets why their food is so cheap. Food is the fuel that feeds us daily through the only life we get to live! When someone looks at a run down house with leaks in the ceiling or a lemon of a car, they realize that those things are worth much less money than a functional, livable alternative. Why would food be any different? OK, here’s a challenge: if you think our $1.99/lb potatoes are too expensive, go buy some seed potatoes, till a small spot of your lawn, fertilize it, plant the potatoes, water them daily for the 4 months they take to grow, making sure to keep pests away, and harvest them when they’re ready. Then wash them, bag them up, and tell us what you think they’re really worth.
What is your favorite vegetable?
We’re actually a grocery store, not a person, despite what some lawmakers might think. There are over 10,000 member-owners and 40 staff here! That being said, our top selling vegetable is, surprisingly enough, asparagus, so maybe that’s the best cooperatively based answer we can come up with.

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