Donation Policy

Instead of putting money towards various community fundraisers or events, we have decided to re-appropriate any potential donations towards our Farmer MicroLoan Program. This program will offer new and existing farmers $1,000 loans for development of their agricultural infrastructure. This can include anything from solar pumps, irrigation materials, seeds, tools, etc. The loans are repayable via crops, due upon the next harvest season that the farmer is in production. This enables us to truly “put our money where our mouth is” to grow and strengthen our local food system.

This effort ties back to our ends policies, specifically number 5, as it helps direct the creation of “A stronger local food system, which includes a marketplace that uses fair and just buying practices to support growers, vendors, and artisans from within our food shed.” Of course it also supports the classic “Broad access to local and organic food” ends policy. For more information on this program please contact our General Manager, Amber Sallaberry, at

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