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2018 Board of Directors Nominees

GBCFC’s 2018 Board of Directors elections have officially begun! As always, we’ve got some pretty remarkable candidates in the running this year. Four candidates– David Funk, Earstin Whitten, Mark Estee, and Tim Healion– are running for re-election, while our newest candidate, Erin Meyering, is running for the board for the first time. Vote in-store any time through […]

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Board Elections Begin August 1st!

Board elections are coming up in August and I’m getting really, really excited about it. Part of me can’t believe those words just came out of my fingers, but it’s true: I’m getting really stoked for this year’s annual election for the GBCFC Board of Directors. It’s not very often that the words “Board of […]

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I Own What?

I’ll admit it– when I first signed up to be a member of the Co-op in 2011, I don’t think I really knew what a co-op was. To me, the Co-op was just that rad little building in my neighborhood where we’d get kombucha and coconut water before band practice. I knew they were locally-owned, […]

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What’s In It For Me?

As you might imagine, spending long hours at the register (or the Forefront as it’s known around here) means fielding lots and LOTS of questions. Such questions range from commonplace (“Can you help me find ________?” / “Do you carry ________?” / “May I use your restroom?”) to bewildering (“Are these bananas local?” / “Do […]

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