Beer & Wine

The GBCFC’S beer and wine department is committed to serving a mix of sustainably produced, organically grown, and locally brewed beer and wine.

As we conduct our business, we will:

  • Source as much beer and wine as possible from local vineyards and breweries.

  • We will not source beer internationally, as there are more than 5,000 quality microbreweries in the USA.

  • We will not source beer from large-scale breweries that produce more than 15,000 barrels a year, or from their subsidiaries.

  • Emphasize the purchase of beer and wine made organically and biodynamically.

  • Although the FDA does not require ingredient lists for wine, we will voluntarily provide the following information for all our wine:

    • Local – is it made in our local foodshed?​

    • Organically grown – was it made with certified organic grapes?

    • Biodynamic – was it produced with certified biodynamic practices?

    • Fair Trade – when the wine is coming internationally, is it providing fair wages to farm labor?

    • Vegan – does the wine refrain from using animal-based fining agents?

    • Sulfite-free – is the wine produced without these chemical preservatives?





Local Churchill Vineyards Varieties

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