A Word From the Co-op GM


Hello!  My name is Amber Sallaberry. I’m our co-op’s General Manager and one of the co-founders. Over the next few months, I’m going to be the project coordinator for our long-awaited upstairs cafe and eatery.  In order to best meet the dietary and flavor needs of our members, I am requesting your help and input.

Request #1:  Our team is currently working on the new offerings from the co-op kitchen, cafe, and juice bar.  My goal is to get this menu as local, organic, and nutrient dense as possible…while also incorporating every dietary type of comfort food into the mix.  Based on the co-op kitchen’s current offerings – please tell me what you love, what you hate, and what you’d like to see offered.  What do think of our signature Kale Salad, yeah or ne?  Our Breakfast Burritos, love em or leave em? The spring rolls, paleo blondies, fudge torte, daily soup? Please share your comments and thoughts with me via email: amber@greatbasinfood.coop

2.  Request #2:  Help your co-op get the upstairs cafe open this winter! To finally finish this big project that started 5 years ago, you can most easily contribute financially in two ways:

A – If you are able, come into the store and invest your full membership equity! (you get a free “I Own A Grocery Store With My Friends” T-Shirt when you pay off your membership equity)
B – Give the co-op a loan (with 0-3% interest, $1K minimum and $50K max, you choose).  Co-op’s are traditionally funded by member loans.  We have already had great success in paying back the majority of our last round of over $700,000 in member loans and I can guarantee you that this is a good investment to make …being that we are one of the fastest growing co-ops in the nation!  Please email me for more details, amber@greatbasinfood.coop

With so many exciting changes for GBCFC on the horizon, I will do my best to keep everyone abreast as things come to fruition.

Thank You,
Amber Sallaberry

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