Cantaloupe Season!

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It’s Cantaloupe season and NEVADA does it best!@lattinfarms has a surplus of their AWARD WINNING HEART OF GOLD ? melons at the coop and for sale in case quantities on DROPP ( “Healing Power of Melon – Melons are so critical to the healing process that when someone is struggling with a health condition and can’t get better, the outcome may very well hinge on whether or not melon is part of her or his diet. Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, crenshaw, canary, Santa Claus, galia, charentais, casaba—they are all keys to the palace of health. Ask yourself how many melons you’ve consumed in the past year. It may be hard to figure out, because you’re probably used to having a slice here, a bite there, often alongside other food……….
Eating melon is like getting intravenous nutrient therapy. On every level, including biochemically, melon is exactly what our bodies need. Melons are essentially balls of purified water. This highly active fluid binds onto poisons of all kinds in the body, including mold, mycotoxins, viral neurotoxins, undigested protein toxins, ammonia gas, and bacterial toxins, flushing them out to allow the immune system to restore itself. Further, the fruit’s high electrolyte content helps protect the brain and the rest of the nervous system from stress-related strokes, aneurysms, and embolisms. Melon thins the blood and reduces heart attack risk, helps prevent heart disease and vascular issues, and can even reduce liver and kidney disease—if someone is suffering from liver or kidney malfunction, melon can mean the difference between life and death.” Excerpt from the #1 New York Times Bestselling book Life-Changing Foods by Medical Medium Anthony Williams
p.s. This book is amazing by the way and we carry it at the coop ? #loveyourfarmer#buylocal #lattinfarms

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